• Awadhi lokagit aur parampara, Ramnarayan Lal Beni Prasad, Allahabad 1957 (2nd Edition 1958)
    The book contains folk songs from the Awadhi-speaking area of Northern India. These songs are sung by women in connection with certain Hindu rituals. The songs are presented in the original Awadhi as well as in Standard Hindi (Khari Boli), and are preceded by a detailed introduction.

  • Hindi racana-bodh (in cooperation with other authors), Kitab Mahal, Bombay 1957
    This book is a grammar of Hindi language.
  • Awadh ki loka kathaye, Shiva Prakashan, Bombay 1959
    A collection of children’s tales from the Awadh region of Northern India has been presented in this book.

  • Khun ka vyapari, Acarya Shukla Sadhana Sadan, Kanpur 1962
    The title of this collection of short stories refers to the story of a poor man, who earns his living by selling his own blood.

  • Sahitya-samidha, Ramnarayan Lal Beni Prasad, Allahabad 1963
    This book contains a collection of essays on different subjects.

  • Majhdhar ke bahe, Kshitij Prakashan, Bombay 1966
    With this small collection of poems the author makes his debut as a poet.

  • Awadhi vrat kathaye, Bhartiya Jnanpith, Varanasi 1967
    New edition: Mahilao ki vrat kathaye, Anurag Prakashan, New Delhi 2000.
    On the occasion of many fasts and festivals the women of Awadh narrate folk tales to each other. The author presents a collection of these tales and explains the religious background, the festivals and rituals, of which these tales are a part.

  • Curs de limba Hindi, University of Bucharest, Bucharest 1967
    This textbook of Hindi language was composed by the author during his two years stay as a Cultural Professor at the University of Bucharest (Romania), in order to teach Hindi to his Romanian students.

  • Regionalism in Hindi Novels, Franz Steiner Verlag, Wiesbaden 1974
    This study in literature discusses different aspects of Regionalism in Hindi fiction and analyses important novels belonging to this literary trend.

  • Hindi Literature, Trends and Traits, K. L. Mukhopadhya, Calcutta 1975
    The book is a history of Hindi literature, in which the author surveys its trends and traits from the beginnings to modern times.

  • Awadhi Kahavate, Racana Prakashan, Allahabad 1977
    This collection of proverbs from the region of Awadh is a continuation of the author`s writings on Indian folklore.

  • Hindi ke ancalik upanyas me jivan-satya, National Publishing House, Delhi 1979
    On the basis of his book “Regionalism in Hindi Novels” the author wrote a more detailed and in many ways more elaborate version in Hindi.

  • Romantic Feminism in Hindi Novels Written by Women, House of Letters, New Delhi 1988
    The emergence of a big number of women as writers of fiction during the 1970s is the subject of this book. A selection of novels written by such women writers are introduced, discussed and analysed.

  • Upanyas – Vidha aur Vidhan, Sahitya Bharti, New Delhi 1996
    Reverting to criteria of Western literary studies, the author describes in this book the essentials of the novel as a literary form. Examples from Hindi fiction show, how these criteria work in practice.

  • Yadon ke ujaale (in cooperation with Shabahat Ali Khan), Kavi Sabha, New Delhi 2001
    This anthology of Urdu poetry can be read from the front and from the back side of the book – in Devanagari from the front side, and in Urdu script from the backside.

  • Hindi ke adhunaatan naari upanyaas, Hindi Book Centre, New Delhi 2004
    This book is a continuation of the work begun in “Romantic Feminism”. 23 novels by 19 women authors are discussed and analysed. These novels were written between the end of the 1980s and the first years of the new millenium. The analysis shows, that the Hindi women writers have left the „Romantic Feminism“ behind them.

  • Pani par buniyad, Anubhav Prakashan, New Delhi 2006
    After several decades the author published another collection of poems.
    (Excerpt, only in Hindi)

  • Hindi ke prayogdharmi upanyas, Hindi Book Center, New Delhi 2008. This book is a work of literary criticism. The author analyses seven experimental novels which had a considerable impact on Hindi literature. (Excerpt, only in Hindi)

  • Avadhi lok sahitya granthavali, Janvani Prakashan, Delhi 2010. The three volumes contain the writings of the author in the field of folklore. Among them are collections of folk tales, songs and proverbs as well as essays of the author on several subjects of folklore. The field of his research is the region of Avadh in Northern India. (Excerpt, only in Hindi)

By and about I.P. Pandey:

  • Puni jahaj pae aawe, Aayas Prakashan, Hardwar 1999
    This volume, edited by Kamalkant Budhkar in Haridwar, India, was published on the occasion of I. P. Pandey’s 75th birthday. It contains his own writings as well as contributions by his colleagues, friends and family members in Hindi, English and German.